BAMS Full Form | What is the Full Form of BAMS | Full Form of BAMS

 BAMS Full Form | What is the Full Form of BAMS | Full Form of BAMS  



What is the Full Form of BAMS?


Full Form of BAMS?

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

What is BAMS Doctor? 

No one can deny that today when we compare with some decade earlier demand of Ayurveda, the importance of Ayurveda, has increased.For which Ayurvedic doctor is in great demand.

There was a time when the demand for Ayurvedic doctors in our country had reduced considerably.But as the side effects of English medicines started to appear, the attention of people and credibility started increasing towards Ayurveda.Today, the demand for Ayurvedic doctors seems to be increasing rapidly.

So any student or person can easily make a good career as an Ayurvedic doctor,But in real terms, the main purpose of Ayurveda is to promote good health and not cure diseases.even we and you see around us that those who do not have any kind of disease, they also use Ayurveda products so that they can get good health.And no disease can come near to them.

This is the reason that Ayurvedic doctor’s contribution to health services is increasing once again, day by day.To become an Ayurvedic doctor, you should have to pass 12th standard with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology subjects, only then you can apply for this, Ayurvedic doctor is a doctor, then heals a patient with Ayurvedic methods, or encourages a person to use such advice or Ayurvedic products, so that he does not get sick.

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