The Art of Compering 11th Class | the art of compering examples

The Art of Compering 11th Class | the art of compering examples  

The Art of Compering 11th Class | the art of compering examples


Question 1.
Read the given words and share with your friend what comes to your mind.
It requires absence of stage fright, presence of mind and confidence.
It requires, confidence and knowledge and smartness to make quick changes.
Hosting Programmes:
He has to shoulder responsibility of everything needed for the programme including stage arrangement, seating arrangement, lighting arrangement, mike, etc.
Public Speaking:
It requires communication skill and fluency in language.

Question 2.
Discuss the essential qualities and also the precautions that a compere should take while compering a programme.
Precaution to be taken:
A compere should keep the audience constantly engaged.
He should be confident enough to handle the last minute change in the formal programme.
He should take precaution to follow th protocol while anchoring the official programme.
He should always keep in mind that he is not the star of the programme but only an anchor.


Question 1.
Imagine that you wish to organize a cultural event in your college. Prepare your own web chart to indicate the qualities that you expect to have in a compere.
Maharashtra Board Class 11 English Yuvakbharati Solutions Chapter 3.6 The Art of Compering 2
The Art of Compering 11th Class | the art of compering examples


Question (i)
Imagine that you are a compere of a prize distribution ceremony of your college. Write a script of the same. You can take help of the following points.
(a) Introduction
(b) Welcome speech
(c) Lighting the lamp
(d) Welcome song
(e) Main event
(f) Vote of thanks
(a) Introduction: Honorable Chief Guest, respected Principal of the college, respected teachers and highly enthusiastic audience, I welcome one and all on behalf of our college.

(b) Welcome speech: Today, as we gather for the prize distribution ceremony, we are privileged to have Mr. Joy Joshi as the Guest of Honor. Mr. Joshi is a social worker and the Principal of New Era Art and Commerce College. I welcome Joshi sir on behalf the principal of our college. I request our Principal -to felicitate Joshi sir with a bouquet and a momentum as a token of respect.

(c) Lighting the lamp: To begin with our programme. I call upon our honorable Chief Guest Shri Joshi to light the traditional lamp. I also request all the dignitaries on the dais to join Joshi sir. Lighting of the traditional lamp symbolizes spread of knowledge. It leads us from darkness to light.

(d) Welcome song: Now I call upon the stage a group of students to recite the welcome song.
Thank you friends. It a nice presentation, we all enjoyed the song.

(e) Main event: Throughout the year, various co-curricular competitions were organised in college. It included music, dance, rangoli and elocution too. I request our Chief Guest to felicitate prize winning students. Let me begin the prize distribution ceremony by calling on stage Mukta Deo, the toper of the previous year. She secured 95% marks in the Board Examination. Congratulations to Mukta Deo.

Now, I call upon the stage Miss. Gauravi Khanna who stood first in the dance competition, Mr. Advait Kulkarni who bagged gold medal in inter-college swimming competition and Miss. Anahita More who stood first in inter-college singing competition.

It gives me immense sense of satisfaction the as we approach to the end of the programme. I feel honoured as many of my classmates and friends are honoured today. Friends, winning and losing is a part of game. What matters is participation in the event. Let’s again congratulate all the winners and the participants of all the contests. Let’s motivate them with a big round of applause for their journey towards progress. After all journey towards success begins with a single step.

Sincere thanks to Honourable Chief Guest Shri Joshi. Special thanks to our Vice Principal Mrs. Shreya Patil and teachers for organizing this programme, the audience for your presence. Your appreciation and motivation will help our friends in their journey towards success.

Thank You.

Question (ii) 

Mass media events often need comperes. Find out the area or sector in which a compere is a must. Write about the special skills needed to take up compering as a career and give some clues about how to acquire these skills.
Programmes like prize distribution ceremony, music concert, dance competition, need a compere. Special skills are required for compering such programme.
(a) A compere must have good communication skill. He/She must have knowledge of the subject while compering any music show. He/She must know about the song, the singer, the film to which the song belongs. He/She must know the lyrics and the meaning of the song too. Sometimes certain incidents are related with songs. A compere must know everything so that he can use the same while compering if needed.

(b) Attire of the compere must be suitable for the event and he should be able to carry the same comfortably.

(c) Confidence is the most important criteria for choosing the career in compering.

(d) A compere must be able to use variations in his voice particularly while narrating emotional incidents, patriotic songs, sad songs, etc.

(e) The body language should reflect enthusiasm and high level of positive attitude.

(f) Flexibility and cooperative nature are essential to make career in compering because anything can happen at the last minute during the event. A compere should be able to handle the situation skillfully without disturbing the already declared schedule. This requires management skills.

(g) Many times being multilingual is the requirement of the programme. It is necessary that a compere must have the knowledge of the regional and the national language.

(h) Presence of mind is required to add or omit the last minute entry or exit in the contest.

Every aspirant in compering must develop all these skills. He/She must inculcate the habit of reading, punctuality and practice. He/She should update himself daily with the latest compering techniques. Reading and accurate pronunciation play important role in grooming the personality of a compere. He/She should be interested in the fields like politics, sports, music, current affairs, entertainment, etc. The practice of all these can make his personality a versatile one.

(A3) Project: 

Question 1.
Make a list of functions/events/programmes/activities organized in your junior college. Choose three events and plan a programme schedule of your own. Prepare a script as well to show the associating role of the compere for a particular event. Make your own sequence and design a template for the same.

the art of compering 11th class  | the art of compering brainstorming

The person who comperes a show, introduces the programme and the participants, is called the master of ceremonies, abbreviated as MC or emcee, or the Compere, anchor, announcer, and microphone controller. He is a mediator, announcer and coordinator of the event. 

‘The Master of Ceremonies’ is an apt description of the anchor as he/she is the formal host and the felicitator of the event. There can be a wide range of events - right from highly formal ones like seminars or conferences to informal ones like annual gatherings, freshers’ parties or weddings. 

 The role of an emcee is to warm of the crowd and give them an idea about the programme ahead. He/She is there to glorify the performance of all the performers with his/her appropriate, positive comments and appreciation, and hence it is his unsaid job, to ensure enthusiasm among the viewers with active response in the form of an applause. 

 He has to make sure that there are smooth transitions between different segments of the programme. In fact, he has to master the skill of stringing/weaving the whole event in one artistic thread. At the same time, should there be any hiccups, the emcee still has to ensure the smooth movement of the programme. Ultimately his/her presence on the stage should exhibit spontaneity, originality and genuineness. 

The words of the speaker should choreograph his/her body language to carry him/her through the programme with ease, grace, elegance and confidence.

Now that we have ascertained what the role of an emcee is, here are some insights:
1. Practise Practise Practise (better in front of the mirror)
2. Be well prepared and word perfect to innovate or add spontaneous expressions
confidently on stage.
3. Develop a ‘script’.
4. Dress up appropriately for the event.
5. Remember that you are not the star of the show but introduce yourself.
6. Breathe steadily and deeply.
7. Address the audience with a smile, suitable expressions, voice modulations
and maintain eye contact.
8. Bring pace to your delivery.
9. Control the timing of the proceedings.
10. Apologize, should there be a major flaw, mistake or mishap.

the art of compering 11th class] | the art of compering brainstorming

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