There is Another Sky Solutions | There is another sky questions answers

There is Another Sky Solutions | There is another sky questions answers  

There is Another Sky Solutions | There is another sky questions answers

Ice Breakers Brainstorming]


Ice Breakers | Q 1. (i) | Page 75
Life is an amalgam of happy and sad moments. Think of such moments in your life, pair with your classmate, and share both the aspects of life.

Happy MomentsSad Moments
1. Winning the first prize in a competitionLosing your mobile, bicycle, or wallet

Happy MomentsSad Moments
1.Winning the first prize in a competitionLosing your mobile, bicycle, or wallet
2.Learning a new language/art.Losing someone close to you.
3.Spending time with your family on a vacation.Fighting over petty matters and hurting your loved ones.

Ice Breakers | Q 1. (ii) | Page 75
Discuss with your partner and find proverbs, idioms, or phrases of similar meaning to the one given and fill them in the stars given below:
All's well that ends well.
He who falls today may rise tomorrow.
Blessing in disguise.

Ice Breakers | Q 2. (i) | Page 75
When we look at the sky, we find several objects. They stand for something or the other. Complete the following table by finding the significance of the given objects. One example is given to you.
Celestial BodiesAssociation
The SunPower, Heat, Energy, Commitment, etc.
The Moon 
The Rainbow 
The Stars 

Celestial BodiesAssociation
The SunPower, Heat, Energy, Commitment, etc.
The MoonBeauty, purity, calmness, youthfulness, etc.
The RainbowHappiness, promise, equality, peace, spirituality, etc
The StarsGuidance, protection, dreams, good luck, eternity, etc

Ice Breakers | Q 2. (ii) | Page 75
Colours mentioned in the hexagons given below are associated with something or the other. Discuss with your partner and fill in the blanks.
blue – tranquility; gloom
pink – innocence; compassion
yellow – happiness; joy
red – danger; anger
black – power; mystery; darkness.


Brainstorming | Q (A1) (i) | Page 77
Imagine your younger sister is not paying attention to her studies and is seen wasting time playing games on her cell-phone. Suggest some ways that will help her to concentrate on her studies and overcome her bad habit.
  • Ways to concentrate on studies & Overcome her bad habits:
  • Put your cell-phone away while studying.
  • Maintain a schedule with properly sketched out study hours for each subject. Don't re-read as it leads to boredom.
  • Take short breaks in between after every 3-4 hours of study. It refreshes your mind and helps to concentrate better. Don't extend the break to more than 10 minutes.
  • Simplify broad concepts into pointers to remember them better.
  • I shall try my best to be friendly with her and give her company.
  • I shall gift her a drawing book and encourage her to draw and colour.
  • I shall take her out for a short time and let her play with the neighbours. 
  • I shall take her to the garden and nourish the plants.

Brainstorming | Q (A1) (ii) | Page 77
You have noticed that many of your classmates are not interested in outdoor games or participating in co-curricular activities. Discuss some ways in which they will be encouraged to participate in activities.
Co-curricular activities play a major role in our lives. We should take part in it because:
They help to broaden our minds and keep us occupied.
They help to develop team-building skills.
They help us gain experience.
They help us to hone our skills and showcase our talents.

Brainstorming | Q (A2) (i) | Page 77
Discuss with your partner and complete the web, highlighting the sad and gloomy aspects of life mentioned in the first part of the poem.

Brainstorming | Q (A2) (ii) | Page 77
The poet encourages her brother in the second part of the poem by telling him about the brighter side of life. Discuss with your partner and make a list of the expressions in the poem that mean encouragement.
Brighter garden
Brighter garden
not a frost has been
unfading flowers
bright bee hum

Brainstorming | Q (A2) (iii) | Page 77
The poet has described two different shades of human feelings by using imagery of various forces of Nature in the poem. Pick out the terms or phrases that describe them. Complete the table given below. 
Faded forestsSad/gloomy
Faded forestsSad/gloomy
brighter gardencheerful/lively
unfading flowersinspiring/happy

Brainstorming | Q (A2) (iv) | Page 78
The poem expresses feelings of serenity. Pick out expressions from the above poem that express the same.
“…another sky, Ever serene and fair.”
“…another sunshine,”
“…a little forest, …leaf is ever green.”
“…brighter garden,”
“…unfading flowers, …the bright bee hum.”

Brainstorming | Q (A2) (v) | Page 78
Compare and contrast the two opposing human feelings as expressed by the poet.
The poet has used expressions of gloominess and happiness in her poem. These contrasting expressions are used to highlight the fact that there are two sides to life. Each one of us has the choice to focus on what we desire. For instance, the poet describes a happy garden and also the silent fields. She tells her brother not to focus on the silent fields. We should think about the ideal nature of life and ignore the sorrow and sadness of this physical world.

Brainstorming | Q (A3) | Page 78
‘Never mind faded forests, Austin’. The word ‘faded’ means to become dim or faint. The word describes the forests that have become faint or dim in appearance. Now go through the poem again and complete the table.
Describing wordObjectExplanation
1. fadedforestsThe forests have become faint or dim in appearance.
2. silent  
3. unfading  
4. bright  
Describing wordObjectExplanation
1. fadedforestsThe forests have become faint or dim in appearance.
2. silentfieldsThe fields are lying barren and empty.
3. unfadingflowersThe flowers are vibrant and colourful.
4. brightbeeThe bee is lively and busy humming while at its work.
‘I hear the bright bee hum.’ The poet has used the word ‘hum’ that indicates the sound made by the bee. This is an example of Onomatopoeia. The poet has used different figures of speech like alliteration, inversion, and hyperbole in the poem. Identify them and pick out the lines accordingly.

Brainstorming | Q (A4) (a) | Page 78
"Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is evergreen;"
Hyperbole - The statement has been exaggerated to make the 'little forest' seem like a place where happiness is ever-lasting.

Brainstorming | Q (A4) (b) | Page 78
"In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:"
Alliteration - The sound of the letter 'b' has been repeated for a poetic effect.

Brainstorming | Q (A4) (c) | Page 78
"Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;"
Inversion - The order of the words has been changed for a poetic effect. The correct order should be “Where (there) has been no frost”.

Brainstorming | Q (A5) | Page 78
Imagine your friend is a table tennis champion who has won the semi-final in the inter-collegiate championship. Due to overconfidence, she neither practices nor does she take her opponent seriously. This may result in her losing the final. Suggest some ways to make her aware of the importance of hard work and regular practice.
Hard work and regular practice are very important to win. It always pays off in the end.
Hard work teaches us not to give up until the end.
The saying – 'Practice makes a man perfect' stands true. It hones your skills.
Hard work helps us stay focused and disciplined.
Regular practice teaches us determination.

Brainstorming | Q (A6) (i) | Page 78
Use the following points and write an appreciation of the poem:
About the poem, poet, and title
Poetic style, language, poetic devices used in the poem
Special features
Message/values/morals in the poem
Your opinion about the poem

Appreciation of the poem 'There Is Another Sky‘

'There is Another Sky' is written by Emily Dickinson, who is an American poet from the 19th century, who is famous for her motivational and philosophical poetry. Her verses of simple and short lines with a short rhyme scheme are unique to her era. This poem is a Petrarchan sonnet, which means that it is a fourteen-line poem divided into two parts, such that the first part of the poem is an octave (a stanza of eight lines) and the second part is a sestet (a stanza of six lines). In this poem, which was written as a part of a letter addressed to her younger brother, she tries to convince him to return home by talking at length about an ideal place; which is just like paradise.
The theme dwells upon nature and human feelings as it describes the infinite The lines are short and the language is simple. The poet has used poetic devices like Alliteration, Antithesis, Ambiguity, Hyperbole, Inversion, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Personification, and Repetition to beautify the poem. The first stanza of the poem tells us about this 'other' place (not the physical world) and the second stanza is an invitation to the brother to come to visit this place (their home which is serene like the 'other' place). The poem conveys a sense of happiness that surrounds one's home and the special bond that siblings share.
Overall, the poem seems like a call to one's sibling to return home because they are missed. The comparisons are drawn with paradise highlight the peace and happiness that a home offers.

Brainstorming | Q (A6) (ii) | Page 79
Write a summary of the poem with the help of the points given below:
Introductory paragraph (about the poem/ type/nature/tone)
Main body (central idea/gist of the poem)
Conclusion/ opinions/views/appeal.
There is Another Sky

'There is Another Sky' is written by Emily Dickinson.
It is a sonnet consisting of fourteen lines. It is a part of a letter that Emily Dickinson had written to her younger brother, asking him to return home. It can be said that the poem is philosophical in nature. The tone of the poem is encouraging, inspirational, and pleading. It is a call for a loved one to return home – to happiness and peace.
The poem begins with the line – 'There Is Another Sky'  wherein the poet is referring to 'heaven', metaphorically referring to their home. She describes the beauty of it by telling us that the sunshine in this place that shines through the darkness, the forests remain green throughout the year and the 'garden' is a cheerful place with the bees humming amidst colourful flowers. The beauty of it all seems surreal and not related to the physical world that we live in. Thus, she tells her brother to ignore the faded forests and silent fields of the real world i.e. sadness and emptiness respectively and to rather come to visit her in this garden that is full of happiness and love. On a higher level, it is understood that through the lines of the poem, the poet is actually referring to their 'home'. Towards the end, she is pleading with her brother to return to this heaven-like place -home.
The poem appeals to the readers as it pulls the emotional strings by evoking the feeling of longing for one's home.

Brainstorming | Q (A6) (iii) | Page 79
Let’s compose a poem. Two lines are given. Add two of your own.
There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair
Under which one can lie
Without worry or care.
Like it, there is no other,
It's full of love and care.

Brainstorming | Q (A6) (iv) | Page 79
Given below is the poem 'Blue Sky' by Mark Hastings. Imagine a poem of a similar kind by replacing the word blue. You can add any colour or object of your choice and write a poem of four lines.
For example, replace 'blue' with
Starry sky above me _______________
Cloudy sky above me _____________
Starry sky above me, the starry sky below me,
Stars and stars all around as far as I can see.
I am the universe the Lord made,
And I am never going to fade.

Brainstorming | Q (A7) | Page 80
Write a letter to your younger sibling making her aware of various manmade and natural disasters and encourage her to join all the programs, campaigns, drives, etc. in school or in your locality.
A-303, Suryodaya Society,
Greenfield Road,
Andheri (West),
Mumbai – 400 056

Dear Archana,
I hope you are in the pink of health. I assume that you are aware of the various calamities that the world is facing.
It is sad to know that we humans are the root cause of the poor condition of our planet. It is all our doing that is now costing us dearly. With time, we have realised what we have done and now it is high time that we did something about it.
I request you to do your part as a responsible citizen of this country, more so as a responsible being of this planet. Collect information about the campaigns, drives, and programs that have been undertaken by your school or locality. Become a volunteer for the ones that you are interested in and would like to work for. By doing so, you will make me proud. Also, it will be a small step towards the betterment of mankind.
I hope to see you next week when you return home for the holidays. Take care.
Your loving sister,

Brainstorming | Q (A8) | Page 80
The poem describes the beauty of Nature. Make a list of careers that are related to Nature, the environment, and the forest. One is done for you.
Forest Department - (Forest officer, Ranger, etc.)
Forest Department - (Forest officer, Ranger, etc.)
Conservation Scientist

Brainstorming | Q (A9) | Page 80
'The Road Not Taken' (Robert Frost), 'O Captain My Captain' (Walt Whitman), etc. are inspirational poems. Search these poems on the internet and write down your opinion about the poems in your notebook.
Question 1.
The poet is addressing the poem to –
The poet is addressing the poem to her brother, Austin who has been going through a state of confusion and depression in life at a place away from home. The poet is trying to encourage him by pointing on the existence of another evergreen and always filled with sunshine universe.

Question 2.
The poet says ‘another sky’. Guess the meaning.
‘Another sky’ is a metaphorical reference to ‘another place’ where a sky with brighter colour is waiting for her brother to provide him joy and hope. The image of ‘another sky’ is the image of an ideal world, the paradise, which, apparently has been a great support for her depressed brother.

Question 3.
The poet depicts a different ‘garden’. Discuss.
The ‘brighter garden’ that the poet depicted was a place where the flowers were always blooming, the playful bees were humming in happiness. The use of comparative degree (brighter) showed the purpose of the poet to present a world that was in total contrast to the gloomy and dark place where her brother was suffering alone. She assured her brother, through this poem, that the ‘brighter garden’ did not have any withered lower, silent fields or frost that represented sadness and pain.

there is another sky summary | there is another sky summary class 11

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) is an American poet of the nineteenth century. She lived a lonely life. Most of her poems are motivational and philosophical. They are unique to her era and are characterised by simple and short lines. She often used slant rhymes and unconventional capitalization and punctuation. Her poems are the psalms and hymns of life in all its shades. 

 ‘There is Another Sky’ is an inspirational poem with a message of ‘never say die’. It is a Petrarchan sonnet with an octave and a sestet. The poet is communicating to her brother through a letter. She encourages her brother not to get depressed under any circumstances and pleads to him to return home. Life is full of challenges; one can tackle the challenges with a positive attitude. The poem ends on an optimistic note. The brighter garden stands for choices that life offers to all

There is Another Sky  

There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there; 
Never mind faded forests, Austin,
Never mind silent fields—
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;

Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been; 
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!
-Emily Dickinson

there is another sky mcq questions | There is another sky questions answers

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there is another sky poem summary | There is another sky questions answers

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