Statement Of Purpose 12th Class | statement of purpose example for 12th class hsc

Statement Of Purpose 12th Class | statement of purpose example for 12th class hsc

Statement Of Purpose 12th Class | statement of purpose example for 12th class hsc

Statement Of Purpose 12th Class | statement of purpose example for 12th class hsc

Question - 1. Match the professions with the desired qualities: [The answers are given directly.]

Solutions :
  • Businessman – c. convincing, selling, risk-taking
  • Artist – d. imaginative, creative, thinking out of
  • Advocate – e. logical reasoning, oratory, critical thinking.
  • Police – b. alert, investigative, love for physical activity
  • Scientist – a. reading, experimenting, researching

Question - 2. What is your career goal?

Solutions :
My career goal is to be an astronaut.

Question - 3. Which of your qualities would help you in achieving your career goal?

Solutions :

Question - 4. List the obstacles which might hamper in achieving your goals in life. One is done for you.

Solutions :
  • Lack of proper guidance.
  • Opposition from family for choosing a strange career.
  • Lack of knowledge about the career prospects.
  • Lack of training centres in our country at present.

[A1] -  Statement Of Purpose 12th Class

Question - 1. Discuss and exchange your views with your partner about your career plan

Solutions :
  • My Partner: I think I should now think of a definite career plan. Have you ever thought of a career plan?
  • Myself: Of course! I have a definite plan and I am quite focused on it.
  • My Partner: Would you mind sharing your goals with me?
  • Myself: Why not? You are my friend and you have every right to know it.
  • Myself: I want to be a doctor. It is not that primary school ambition when every one wants to be an engineer or a doctor.
  • My Partner: I wanted to be an airline pilot during those days.
  • Myself: There could be many like you. Those were just fleeting fancies. You just can’t call them career goals.
  • My Partner: Do you think your plan is real and practical?
  • Myself: Surely I do! That’s why I call it my career plan. My whole focus is on it. I work hard to achieve my goal.
  • My Partner: There are many doctors around and I don’t find any particular charm to be one among those ‘white coats’.
  • Myself: Oh, yes! You are free to have your opinions, but whatever I do will have my personal stamp on it. I am unique and I am going to be a unique doctor.
  • My Partner: Is that something like going to the villages barefoot?
  • Myself: Could be that. Perhaps much more than that. You will see it yourself sometime in the future. I am quite steadfast in my resolve.
  • My Partner: Okay, okay. I wish you all the best. I wish I had your will to win.

[A2] - Statement Of Purpose 12th Class 

Question - 1. You must have decided your aim in life. Which institute/university would you like to join for your diploma/ graduation. Write a Statement of Purpose as a part of your application to the institute/university.

Solutions :
I would like to graduate in history from Birkbeck College under the University of London. Given below is my Statement of Purpose attached as part of my application.

Statement of Purpose:

For me, history was just a list of monarchs, a catalogue of wars and a chronicle of dynasties. All this changed when I reached the VUIth standard. I was, then, fortunate to study history under a dynamic teacher. He changed my perspectives. I realized that there is social history and economic history. There is history of science and ideas. The tipping point came when my teacher introduced me to the Bhakti Movement.

I realized that I belong to the land of Saints – Maharashtra. The lives of saints fascinated me. I delved deep into books to know more about their work and time. I read about Sant Namdeo, Sant Dynaneshwar, Sant Eknath, Sant Tukaram and Ramdas Swami. What I gained, of course, was very precious. My fascination with the subject grew by each passing day.

My aim in seeking admission to your college is that you have a very good department in South Asian History. I know that the late eminent historian Eric Hobsbawm taught in your college throughout his career. Likewise, the famous R. J. Evans and Roy Foster were once members among your faculty. So I am hopeful that I would get a chance to learn under world class teachers once I get into your esteemed institution.

My broad plan is to have a sound grounding in the medieval socio-economic history of India during my graduation years and then move on to the Bhakti Movement during my post-graduate studies. Doctoral and post-doctoral research would be focused on the life and work of a single saint.

I am an avid reader. I hope my exposure to saint literature in Marathi would stand me in good stead. I am a state-level chess player. Chess, as per the game theory, is a full information game. Your opponent see on the board as much as you see. However, the patient search for possibilities pay the dividend. The player processes the various permutations and combinations and finally makes that unique move – the winning move! I am sure that I have it in me.

I worked as an amateur research assistant to Dr. Pendse while he was working on his monumental work on the Bhakti Movement. I also have a diploma in “Indexing Books in Humanities”. I earnestly hope that an exposure to the excellent academic atmosphere prevailing in your prestigious institution would bring forth the best in me and thus allow me to contribute my mite to the rich cultural heritage of my land!

[A3] Statement Of Purpose 12th Class

Question - 1. Enrich your vocabulary.

Match the job terms with their meanings.
Solutions :

to be your own boss – [g] to have your own business
a dead-end job – [f] a job with no promotional opportunities
a good team player – [j] someone who can work well with other people
a heavy workload – [h] to have a lot of work to do
a high-powered job – [b] an important/ powerful job
job satisfaction – [i] enjoying your job
manual work – [a] work that requires physical activity
to be stuck in a rut – [e] to be in a boring job that is hard to leave
to be stuck behind a desk – [c] to be unhappy in an office job
a nine-to-five job – [d] a normal job having a duty of 8 hours

[A4] Statement Of Purpose 12th Class 

Question - 1. Read the dialogue given below and fill in the blanks with the appropriate job terms given above.

[The answer parts are underlined.]
Solutions :
Varsha: Vivek, what kind of a job are you looking for?
Vivek: Varsha, I want to be my own boss. I don’t like a nine-to-five job. My present job is not challenging. I am stuck behind a desk. I am not afraid of a heavy workload and I am a good team player. Moreover, this is a dead-end job. I am looking for an opportunity to try new winds.

A5. Read the personal details given below and prepare a suitable Statement of Purpose:

Question - [i] University of Bath, UK is one of the leading Universities for Business Studies. You belong to a business family – wish to start your own business, carry forward your family business in future. In your junior college you have opted for commerce, scored well in your Std. X Board examination – You made profit in the stall you had put up in the business fair organized by your school/ college. Your hobbies are playing cricket/ hockey – you get along well with people.
Solutions :
I belong to a family which had a long tradition in business. My father is a third generation businessman. I grew up meeting relatives who are in some business or the other. Naturally, I have never thought of any pursuit other than business.

My family business is doing quite well but the world of business is changing rapidly. To keep up with the changing times, I must keep abreast of the new developments in the world of business. Hence I aspire for a degree in business studies from an institution of high standing as yours.

I did exceedingly well in my Standard X Board Examination scoring impressive marks in Maths and English. For the junior college I opted commerce as my main stream. Accountancy is my favourite area of study. I feel quite comfortable with the subject because balance sheet analysis, stocks, trade, tariff, etc. have always been the words in currency during any of the family gatherings.

A cool head on his shoulders is a must for a businessman. With an agitated mind you can’t ever take the right decisions. I am cool by nature. I assess the pros and cons with a dispassionate mind. No wonder that I was always made the captain of our cricket team. Cricket being a mind game as well, one needs to make quick and effective decisions. Moreover, one needs to make one’s team mates believe that the decision is theirs! There lies the magic of a team player and leader and so far I have been a great hit at it.

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Just thinking that I am endowed with great business acumen would remain a mere boast until I prove it with an example. Luckily I had a great chance coming my way during the business fair organized by our college.

What I proposed was a stall selling helmets. The principal flatly rejected the idea saying that in a college where most of the students are under-18 and are not eligible for a driving licence, it was preposterous to come out with such a bizarre idea. I persisted and somehow got the permission. It was a three-day fair.

On the first day, just as I had expected, many students told me that their siblings and parents do have helmets at home – but they don’t wear it. This was the tipping point. I asked them to bring those unworn helmets the next day. I would compensate for the old ones – they need to pay only the difference for the new ones. [I had already made a tie-up with a second-hand helmet dealer. I offered an environment-friendly bag as well to each prospective buyer.]

Students, especially girls, warmed towards the idea greatly. Being a gift, their brothers or parents just won’t be able to neglect the helmets. The magic word here was ‘gift’; and the sentimental aura surrounding the gesture. The venture clicked. I made a handsome profit. The satisfaction of being instrumental in saving many lives was a bonus.

I know for sure that the case narrated above is not a path-breaking event. But for me, it was an eye-opener. I realized that business is mainly a game based on human psychology. Reading a bit of behavioural economics taught me that not all economic demands stem from rational thought.

Yes, your prestigious institution can offer me what I seek. I seek something more than a degree in business studies. Your esteemed faculty, I hope, will provide me the right exposure I need. I look forward to novel ventures. I want to tread on an unbeaten path. For me, business is not just about making money. It is the thrill of living every moment in the exhilaration of weighing choices and making decisions. For that I need to learn new things. For that I need to get into an institution like yours.

Question - [ii] You are an avid animal lover. You have a pet dog and some lovebirds at home. You are extremely fond of them. You have been a member of bird watcher’s club. You have loved going on a safari. You have taken care of orphan animals, or animals who are hurt. In school you loved Biology. You wish to make a career in this field. The University of Cambridge offers an excellent course/ programme which would boost your career. Make a Statement of Purpose which will help you to get admission to this University.

Solutions :
Statement of Purpose

I was captivated by the world of animals much early in my life. There are of course, many people around who love animals; but I doubt whether they share the same intensity which I have. I love animals of all softs. I care for animals big and small. I equally love the ones who fly and the ones who crawl.

My parents have been quite supportive of my passion. My collection of lovebirds and the pet dog which I have now are their gifts. I observe my pets and all other animals around me with undiminishing curiosity. Their behaviour fascinates me: Though ‘biology’ has been my favourite subject all along, I never knew that there are courses catering to my specific need. So your biology graduation course with focus on animal behaviour is “the one” I sought after.

I very well know that observation and study of animals demand infinite patience. Many senior members of our “Bird watchers’ club’ usually appreciate my great patience. I also have an eye for detail. Each time I go for a safari, I notice something new. Each time there seems to be a revelation of sort.

If I say I care for my pets that would be just stating the obvious. My love for animals goes beyond boundaries. Any animal suffering or struggling anywhere is my concern. There have been umpteen cases where I took care of and tended orphaned animals; but each case was unique and every one of them is etched in my memory in its vivid detail.

Though my interaction with animals has a long record, my theoretical studies about animals are not much to boast of. I have read the works of Nikolaas Tinbergin, Konrad Lorenz. Karl Von Frich and Ivan Pavlov – all pioneers in the field of animal behaviour. Nevertheless, I know that a lot has been happening of late. Moreover, I wish to learn the discipline in an organized way. And your esteemed institution is “the place” for it. I am hopeful that I will be able to contribute something significant to the field I love most.


Chapter 3.3 Note-Making questions and answers | 3.3 Note making ice BREAKERS


Question - 1. Browse different websites and find out the universities offering best courses in life Sciences, Arts, Sports, Music, Engineering and medicine. Collect and share any other additional information related to the course which seems important.

[Students may attempt this on their own.]

Statement Of Purpose 12th Class | statement of purpose example for 12th class hsc

What is a Statement of Purpose? A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an application made to a university to seek admission to a particular course. It is an essay which describes you as a person, your aims and ambitions. It speaks about your journey of life and the qualities you have nurtured in the process. The scorecard or the transcript gives your academic achievement. It is objective but SOP gives an idea about your innate qualities and is subjective in nature. The SOP gives you an opportunity to show the special qualities which make you distinct from others.

 It explains why you want to join the course, what is your liking, how you have developed your liking. It justifies how you will be able to achieve your aim. It also explains why you have selected a particular university. The SOP is a gateway to your career as the admission committee judges you or screens the applications on the basis of the SOPs received. Hence, it is a very important document. 

The SOPs for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels would be different. The SOPs differ according to the requirement. The number of words in which an SOP is written is also different for different universities. At this level when you would pass your Std XII examination and write personal statements to universities for admission to undergraduate course you should follow the format given below.

FORMAT OF THE 'SOP' The Statement of Purpose should be written in around 500 words, tentatively in five/six paragraphs. Begin with your introduction, talk about your personal background, your mental make-up and your aim in life. The second paragraph should speak about why you wish to join this specific programme/course, your area of interest. In the third paragraph, write about your qualities that would be helpful or suitable for this career goal or objective. 

Show how your hobbies and extracurricular activities would be helpful in strengthening your goals. In the fourth paragraph, mention your experience in this field or any internship/ project you have done. You can state something which makes you distinct from the other applicants. In the concluding paragraph, state how admission to this particular course, university would be beneficial to you and how you look at it from a long term career perspective. 

Write the Statement of Purpose in clear and lucid language. Do not make spelling or construction mistakes. You should be convincing. Show determination in your career. Your purpose of choosing this particular course and university should be in accordance with your career. Remember that your personality is  reflected through this. Highlight your qualities, life experiences in such a way that your application should stand out from the rest.

 Look at the samples of SOPs given here. (SAMPLE - I) STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Pursuing a course in Mechanical Engineering will enable me to prowess in a field which started as a dream. The genesis of this dream was a personal experience at the age of ten. We were on a road trip in my Dad’s car. Without any warning, the engine ceased and with it my dreams for an exciting holiday too. My dad hopped out of the car and opened the bonnet. I was right on his tail, watching him work on the engine utterly fascinated. Soon the car was up and running.

 I was in awe and admiration for my Dad. I wanted to be just like him. My Dad is an engineer and I knew the seed of engineering had just been planted deep in my core. I am eager to exploit my hunger for the course of Mechanical Engineering and, in particular, Automotive Engineering. Over the summer holidays of 2017, I undertook an internship at a bus and coach manufacturing factory in Pune. As an apprentice, I had a team of highly qualified engineers to guide me. 

The team work, zeal and expertise displayed was an enormous learning point. The experience enriched my understanding of how vehicles work. This internship gave me an insight into the day-to-day challenges faced by an engineer. I also learnt the basics of lathe and milling machine and was able to make a bolt with threads on it. Utilising these machining skills, I was able to make my own fidget spinner. I study in a school that lays great emphasis on co-curricular activities especially sports. I excelled in hockey and swimming. In hockey, I have been in the school ‘A’ team right from the age of 7. This association with hockey has improved my hand-eye coordination and my ability to stay focussed in any given situation-attributes essential for a successful engineer. 

Outside of school, I picked up the sport of cricket which initially began as a family ‘outing’. Later on, I immersed myself in the sport. Cricket has helped me build on my levels of concentration. “Concentration comes out of a combination of confidence and hunger.” These are words that every engineer should live by-have insatiable hunger to be the best in design, research and manufacturing of machines and their subsystems. We run a daily feeding programme in our temples where everyone is welcome.

 I have taken part in these services nearly every weekend. I have also taken part in several other community service ventures, such as planting trees in a bid to reduce deforestation. I also participated in an epilepsy walk in order to collect money to help in the treatment of people who can’t afford the medical care required to treat epilepsy. 

I believe that I am a suitable candidate for the course since the subjects I have picked for my undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering, namely Physics and Mathematics, have exposed me to high levels of critical thinking. Throughout high school, I have been a practical thinker. My passion for Physics has helped my analytical skills. Mechanical engineers specifically apply fundamental Maths and Physics laws to find solutions of machines which we use every day.

 I believe that the UK is the ideal location for my choice of study, as it is known to have the best universities for engineering offering top notch facilities in research, design and manufacture. The UK has some of the greatest companies which pioneered automotive engineering to what it is today, for example, Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. I hope to secure admission that will provide me with the opportunity to fulfil my dreams. (SAMPLE - II) STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Ever since childhood the functions of the economy have fascinated me. 

I love being able to understand and use economic theories and enjoy challenging myself to find connections between its different sectors. I have been captivated by the way this subject is applied in everyday life in the most basic of ways for example, deciding what brand of milk to buy and how it can also influence something as major as the exchange rates. Living in India, I am no stranger to economic problems like unemployment and poverty. By increasing my knowledge in this subject I hope to better understand these problems and find possible solutions. 

I aspire to study economics principally because of the diversity of both the subject and its applications, and because I find it fascinating and challenging at the same time. Having studied the subject throughout my high school, I believe that the possible depths to which it may be studied are almost endless, and the number of real-life situations to which it is relevant is similarly vast. In addition to keeping abreast with the world economy, I am also interested in studying the quirkier fields of economics and I aspire to further study the ideas of behavioural economics and rational decision-making to contribute to improving our explanations of market events. A book that really intrigued me is Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman and intensified my desire to delve deeper into the field. 

To further understand the practical applications of economics, I interned at an auditing firm. This helped me realise how economics and finance play a key role in the running of businesses. My subject choice of Economics and Accounts through Junior College has helped me grasp analytical concepts at a blistering pace and I believe I am well equipped to face the challenge of studying Economics at degree level. I am aware that Economics is strongly related to Maths and for that reason I have studied more rigorous topics that I will further develop at the university level, including calculus and statistics modules. 

One of the extracurricular activities that opened me to a whole new perspective on world economy was the Indian Model United Nations conference in which I was the Press Corps writer, assigned to the Economic Committee. This has helped me understand the intricacies of world economy, given me a chance to discuss and puzzle over economic issues and challenged me to think in ways I have never before.

 My passion for writing led me to secure the position of sub-editor of the school magazine committee, where I reviewed and edited essays to be published. I was selected as a Students' Council Representative and my duties involved acting as an interface between the students and the board of governors, putting forth the issues faced by students and working towards solutions for them. I also took part in the Youth Icon Awards. 

I was identified as an important member of my group and performed the task of successfully guiding my team through many expeditions. I enjoy playing Badminton as often as I can. Badminton has taught me a vital lesson-to face the consequences of a poor shot. I have learnt not to dwell on my mistakes but to accept them and move on because the most important shot in Badminton is the next one. I am an amateur guitarist.Music helps me relax and unwind.

 I firmly believe that the analytical tools from the fields of Economics and Mathematics are essential for a deep understanding of the world. I know that the universities in Delhi with their fantastic economics departments can help me realize my dream of simplifying the complexity behind economic situations. 

Statement Of Purpose 12th Class | statement of purpose example for 12th class hsc

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Statement Of Purpose 12th Class | statement of purpose example for 12th class hsc

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